iShares Euro Ultrashort Duration Bond UCITS ETF
WKN A1W375 | ISIN IE00BCRY6557


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Taxe 99,955 99,98
Stückzahl 500 Stk. 8.500 Stk.
akt./rel. Spread 0,025 0,0250%
Taxierungszeitpunkt 22.01.2019 09:15:53 Uhr
Tageshoch / -tief (Geld) 99,98 99,745
Veränderung Vortag (Geld) 0,17 +0,17%

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22.01.2019 / 09:15:53 99,955 99,98
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22.01.2019 / 09:09:57 99,955 99,98
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Last 99,89G 0 Stk.
Kurszeit 22.01.2019 08:46:04 Uhr
Tagesvolumen (Stück) 0,00  
Tageshoch / -tief 99,905 99,855
Vortageskurs (21.01.) 99,785  
Veränd. Vortag +0,11 +0,11%
Jahreshoch / -tief 99,98 (18.01.) 99,29 (11.01.)
52 Wochenhoch / -tief 100,46 (29.01.) 98,94 (05.12.)


WKN A1W375
Symbol IS3M
Börsensegment Freiverkehr
Wertpapierart Exchange-Traded Product
Produktgattung ETF
Produktbezeichnung iShares Euro Ultrashort Duration Bond UCITS ETF
Fondswährung Euro
Nominalwährung Euro
Abwicklungswährung Euro
Abbildungsverhältnis 1.0
Replikationsmethode Stratified Sampling
Ertragsverwendung Ausschüttend
Ertragsintervall -
Auflagedatum 16.10.2013
Geschäftsjahresende 31.05.2019
Fondsvolumen 2.371.233.681


Abgebildeter Index/Benchmark Markit iBoxx EUR Liquid Investment Grade Ultrashort Index
Indexanbieter (Familie) International Index Company (IIC)
Indextyp Performance
Indexwährung EUR
Komponentenanzahl Index (ca.) 190
Indexeigenschaften (mehrfach) Market Capitalization, Small
Sonstige Informationen -


Handelssegment -
Market Maker -
Min Quotierungsvolumen in € -
Max. Spread in % -
Handelszeit 08:00 - 22:00
Notierung fortlaufende Auktion
Datum des Listings 21.09.2015


The Fund aims to achieve a return on your investment, through a combination of capital growth and income on the Fund’s assets, which reflects the return of the Markit iBoxx EUR Liquid Investment Grade Ultrashort Index, the Fund’s benchmark index (Index). The Fund aims to invest so far as possible and practicable in the fixed income (FI) securities (such as bonds) that make up the Index and comply with its credit rating requirements. If the credit ratings of the FI securities are downgraded, the Fund may continue to hold these until they cease to form part of the Index and it is practicable to sell the position. The Index measures the performance of Euro denominated investment grade ultrashort FI securities. The FI securities included in the Index are corporate fixed rate FI securities maturing between 0 and 1 year and corporate floating rate FI securities with a time to maturity between 0 and 3 years. The FI securities will, at the time of inclusion in the Index, have an average rating of investment grade (i.e. meet a specified level of creditworthiness) by Fitch, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services. The Index uses a market-value weighted methodology with a cap on each issuer of 3%. The Fund uses optimising techniques to achieve a similar return to its Index. These may include the strategic selection of certain securities that make up the Index or other FI securities which provide similar performance to certain constituent securities. These may also include the use of financial derivative instruments (FDIs) (i.e. investments the prices of which are based on one or more underlying assets). FDIs may be used for direct investment purposes. The use of FDIs is expected to be limited.

Performance Kennzahlen

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Gesamtkostenquote (TER) in % 0,090
Managementgebühren in % 0,090
Sonstige Gebühren in % -


Management-Typ passiv
Abbildunginstrument Anleihenbasket
Allokation Anleihen kurze Lfz
Sektor Sonstiges


Sonstige Risikoinformation -
Fremdwährungsrisiko Nein
Kreditrisiko -
S&P Rating Kontrahent -
Swap besichert Nein
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Rechtliche Daten

Vertriebsplattform iShares
Kapitalanlagegesellschaft / Verwaltungsgesellschaft BlackRock Asset Management Ireland Ltd.
Verbundenes Unternehmen (§15 AktG) BlackRock
Domizil IRL
Fondsmanagement BlackRock Asset Management


Vertriebszulassung in Deutschland Ja