Advantages for Investors

Advantages for retail investors

Advantages for retail investors

High liquidity and execution certainty

Boerse Stuttgart’s trading model combines an efficient electronic trading system and the human skills of trading experts. This means that orders are not only executed quickly and efficiently, but also handled individually. The specialist traders, or quality liquidity providers, check orders and provide additional liquidity when needed. In this way they enable orders to be executed at fair prices even in difficult market conditions and with less liquid securities.

A further advantage of this system for retail investors is that it avoids partial executions.

High pricing quality

At Boerse Stuttgart, the best price principle applies: all orders are executed at the best price currently available on an approved reference market, or better. Thanks to the liquidity provided by expert traders, during the entire trading period investors also profit from the particularly narrow margin between purchase and sale quotes (spreads).

For individual trading segments Boerse Stuttgart has set maximum spreads, or zero-spread trading.

Active limit monitoring and intelligent order types

Investors placing their orders in Stuttgart can rely on effective and active limit monitoring. The electronic trading system indicates when an order is ready for execution. Then an expert trader takes over the handling of the order.

With Boerse Stuttgart’s intelligent order types, retail investors can also adjust their trading strategy in line with the market situation and automatically implement it. Profits made can be realised while losses are limited – without investors having to monitor the securities account constantly.

Transparent fee model

Fixed and variable components of the transaction fee for all securities classes are itemised transparently by Boerse Stuttgart. This means that even before an order is made it is clear what fee will be incurred for execution. There is no fixed fee at all for securitised derivatives, investment fund units and exchange-traded products. The variable fee for these products is also capped.

Trading subject to supervision under public law

Transparency and security are of the utmost importance at Boerse Stuttgart: this is where all the control and regulatory mechanisms of a public exchange come into play. As an independent body of the exchange, the Trading Surveillance Office ensures the highest level of investor protection.
There are also special regulations for individual asset classes, which take into account the special features of the relevant securities.

Comprehensive range of information and educational resources

Boerse Stuttgart’s free customer hotline is one of its special services: qualified securities dealers will answer all your questions on securities, trading facilities and execution of individual orders. The exchange also offers investment education in its courses for retail investors. Whether you are looking for a basic knowledge of securities trading or details of financial products, you can obtain valuable know-how to help you make your investment decisions.

Boerse Stuttgart provides efficient product finders and realtime data on all securities traded. If you want access to trading information when you are out and about, you can use apps for smartphones and tablet PCs.