Citigroup Global Markets Dt. TuBear O.End DAX 13030,985..
WKN CY3G12 | ISIN DE000CY3G125

Aktuelle Meldungen aus dem Handel

Time Announcement
17.10.2017 15:41 The financial instrument was knocked out. Please comply with the regulations in the sales prospectus.


  Bid Ask
Quote - -
Units - -
current/rel. spread - -%
Quote time - -
Daily high/low (money) - -
Change compared with
previous day (bid)
0,00 +0,00%

Price data

Stock exchange -  
Last - - Units
Price determination time - -
Daily volume (Nominal ) -  
Daily high/low - -
Prev. day's price (-) -  
Change day before - -
Yearly high/low 13,54 (18/04) 0,06 (13/10)
52 week high / low - (-) - (-)

Key figures

Valuation time - (-)
Distance to knock-out barrier:
- absolute 0,58 EUR
- in % 0,00%

Master data


Symbol -
Exchange segment Open Market
Type of financial instrument Knock-Out Produkte
Product class Knock-Out Produkte ohne Stop Loss (Open-End)
Product name DAX Open End Turbo Bear
Issuer Citigroup Global Markets Deutschland AG
Trading segment -
Option type Put
Underlying (price)
Strike price in [currency] 13.029,4007 [Punkte]
Knock-out barrier 13.029,4007 [Punkte]
Knock-in level (active from) -(-)
Range -
100 : 1
Exercise type Bermuda
Smallest tradeable unit -
minimum quotation volume in EUR 0,00
Min. quotation volume in units 0,00
Final valuation date Open end
Date of payment -
First exchange trading day -
Last trading day Open end
Trading hours -
Quotation -
Issuing volume 5.000.000
Rolling No


WKN 846900
ISIN DE0008469008
Symbol DAX
Nominal currency EUR
Type of underlying Index
Country of the home stock exchange Germany


Name Citigroup Global Markets Deutschland AG
Address Reuterweg 16
  D-60323 Frankfurt am Main
Email address
Service phone number 0800 2484366

Product description

Dieses Knock-Out-Produkt (Put) hat eine unbegrenzte Laufzeit und ist mit einer Knock-Out-Barriere von 13.029,4007 Punkte ausgestattet. Liegt der Kurs des Basiswertes DAX unter dem Basispreis in Höhe von 13.029,4007 Punkte partizipiert der Kunde überproportional an der Entwicklung des Basiswertes. Wird die Knock-Out-Barriere während der Laufzeit erreicht, verfällt das Knock-Out Produkt wertlos.


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