Configuring your ideal certificate 

You can’t find a certificate that perfectly matches your investment strategy and opinion of the market? Then simply create it – in just a few steps with our Ideal Certificate Configurator.

Hermann IT

Using our Ideal Certificate Configurator you can, for example, create your very own warrants and only a few minutes later through your custody bank trade it on our platform.

Five reasonsfor your ideal certificate

  1. You use the Ideal Certificate Configurator free of charge.

  2. Configuring your ideal certificate does not constitute any obligation by you to buy. There is no minimum order size.

  3. We list your configured products super-fast so that you can trade them through your custody bank.

  4. Using the Configurator is easy, and fast – a few clicks and you have already created your ideal product.

  5. Create exactly the discount, bonus and capped bonus certificates, option certificate and equity-linked bonds you want.

What to do

  1. Select the product type in the Ideal Certificate Configurator.

  2. Enter the underlying: You can select from around 400 blue chips from Europe, the USA and Asia as well as the most important stock indices in those regions.

  3. Define the parameters, such as price level.

  4. Choose an issuer.

  5. Enter your order: In only a few minutes you will be assigned your very own SIN.

  6. Good to go!
Only a few clicks away Want an ideal certificate? Configurate now