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With our ESG Finder, you can filter securities based on ecological and economic criteria. Whether stocks, ETFs, funds or bonds, our ESG Finder ensures today that your assets can make tomorrow even better.

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Why our ESG Finder is unique

ESG ratings for thousands of securities, from stocks to ETFs and funds to government and corporate bonds

✓ Easy to use thanks to an intuitive step-by-step search and explanations of all relevant terms

✓ More orientation through objective criteria such as carbon emissions, exclusion of industries with graphical presentation of results

✓ A free tool made in Germany, developed by Germany's leading exchange for private investors.


Finding sustainable stocks, ETFs & Co. in three steps

  1. Filter

    securities based on ecological, social and economic criteria

  2. Compare

    your search results thanks to fundamental and ESG metrics

  3. Trade

    your favorite securities at best prices on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange


Frequently asked questions about our ESG Finder

As a neutral trading venue, we at Boerse Stuttgart do not rate individual companies or securities by ourselves. The ratings used in our ESG Finder are provided by MSCI ESG Research and evaluate how well companies or countries deal with environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities.

Click here for more information on MSCI ESG Research ratings.

Instead of researching the ESG rating for each individual security, we offer you another way: With our ESG Finder, you can first filter numerous stocks, ETFs, funds and bonds based on your individual ESG requirements and then compare them.

In the future, we plan to also display the external ESG ratings of individual companies and securities on the respective factsheets on our website.

For licensing reasons, the search results including the ratings of MSCI ESG Research are not freely available, but only visible to registered and logged-in users.

Registration on our website is free of charge, as well as the use of our ESG Finder.

Companies are monitored by MSCI ESG Research on a systematic and ongoing basis, including daily monitoring of controversies and governance events. New information is reflected in reports on a weekly basis and significant score changes trigger analyst review and re-rating.
In addition, companies receive an in-depth review at least annually.

MSCI ESG Research rates over 16,000 issuers and more than 680,000 securities on their ESG risks and opportunities.
However, if no MSCI ESG Research rating is available for a security, we cannot include this security in our ESG Finder. As a neutral trading venue, we do not rate individual companies or securities by ourselves.

In addition, only securities that are tradable at Boerse Stuttgart can be included in our ESG Finder

In our step-by-step search, you will find explanations of the individual ESG criteria and technical terms below the tool, as well as explanations of the selectable fundamental indicators.
In our detailed search, you will also find a short explanation via the info icons directly next to the respective ESG criteria and fundamental indicators.

The detailed search allows experienced investors to filter the securities even more precisely based on more detailed ESG criteria and additional fundamental indicators. As the search results including the external ESG ratings are visible, the detailed search can only be used by registered and logged-in users for licensing reasons.

MSCI’s ESG ratings are not a general measure of corporate “goodness”, or a synonym for sustainable investing. They are rather designed to measure a company’s resilience to financially material environmental, societal and governance risks.
Accordingly, a company with high exposure to ESG risk must also have a very strong management to score well on MSCI ESG Research ratings.
In addition, MSCI ESG Research ratings assess how well companies manage risks and opportunities compared with their peers, not across industries.

Click here for more information on MSCI ESG Research ratings.

Sustainability at Boerse Stuttgart Group

Because sustainability is close to our hearts, we not only provide guidance on sustainable securities. As Boerse Stuttgart Group, we are also blazing new trails in the direction of sustainability.