Learn more about the online platform that centrally maps the startup landscape in Germany. 

Accompany young innovative companies on their way to the capital market

Together with the German Startups Association from Berlin we will launch the startup platform Startbase end of summer 2019. Startbase will be the first digital, English-speaking online platform that centrally maps the German startup landscape.

With Startbase the Startup Association and we are joining our forces in order to bring in our respective expertise to generate the greatest added value for startups. Our vision is to build a central platform that helps establish Germany as one of the leading startup ecosystems in the world. We contribute our capital market and corporate finance expertise and integrate our previous startup initiative VentureZphere into Startbase.

Supporting young companies in raising capital is the original task and core mission of a stock exchange. This also includes new opportunities beyond the traditional IPO, such as the issuance of digital tokens within the frame of an ICO. This form of funding is cost effective and flexible and therefore especially interesting for startups. Together with the German Startups Association, we want to accompany young companies on the way to the capital market and make a contribution to improving the startup funding in Germany.

With the Startup Association's extensive contacts in the nationwide startup scene and politics as well as its diverse activities within the German startup ecosystem, Startbase has a broad and active network of participants and supporters right from the start.

Startups based in Germany can already sign up on the current VentureZphere platform, which will then be transferred to Startbase. Corporates and investors also have the opportunity to create a profile and get in touch with the startups.