Technology partner

]init[ AG für digitale Kommunikation

]init[ provides strategic IT consulting, customer experience and UX design, development and operations for digital platforms and mobile applications. The technical focus is on the implementation of CMS, financial and transaction portals. Clients include Boerse Stuttgart, European Central Bank and Deutsche Bundesbank, among many others. The company with 450 employees has branches in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Mainz, Munich, Brussels and Delhi.

Data partner

Market data by FactSet Digital Solutions

FactSet delivers superior analytics, service, content, and technology to help more than 89,000 users see and seize opportunity sooner. FactSet is committed to giving investment professionals the edge to outperform, with fresh perspectives, informed insights, and the industry-leading support of our dedicated specialists. We're proud to have been recognized with multiple awards for our analytical and data-driven solutions.

Credit ratings by S&P Global Market

At S&P Global Market Intelligence, we know that not all information is important - some of it is vital. We integrate financial and industry data, research and news into tools that help track performance, generate alpha, identify investment ideas, understand competitive and industry dynamics, perform valuations and assess credit risk. Investment professionals, government agencies, corporations and universities globally can gain the intelligence essential to making business and financial decisions with conviction.

Financial dates by GodmodeTrader  

GodmodeTrader von BörseGO bietet privaten und institutionellen Anlegern aktuelle Nachrichten zu den Finanzmärkten, Kurse und Charts in Echtzeit, Chartanalysen von Profi-Tradern, Webinare, Live-Video-Beiträge sowie diverse Ausbildungsangebote.

Funds & ETF database by Mountain-View Data 

Mountain-View’s high-quality and continuously maintained database of funds and ETFs contains comprehensive fund profile data, factsheets and legally required mandatory documents. The fund volume in our database exceeds over 4800 Billion Euros.