Use ETCs to invest in commodities

With these exchange-traded securities you can simply and flexibly invest in gold, oil and the like. 

Three reasons for ETCs

  1. With ETCs you can include commodities in your portfolio with great ease.

  2. You invest in a security and not in a physical commodity, which is simpler and cheaper.

  3. ETCs can be traded via Börse Stuttgart easily and flexibly, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Tops & Flops

Commoditiesfor your portfolio

You want to commit not only to the classical investment classes such as equities and bonds? Thanks to exchange traded commodities, or ETCs for short, you can simply and straightforwardly add commodities to your portfolio without physically acquiring them. ETCs are exchange-traded instruments that reflect the performance of a particular commodity. Typical underlyings are precious or industrial metals as well as energy sources.

Using ETCs you can simply add gold, aluminum, copper, oil or gas to your portfolio in the form of a security. The advantage: Commodities are often subject to market cycles completely unlike those for equities and bonds and can thus help you better diversify your portfolio.

Unlike ETFs legally speaking ETCs are not considered special assets, but debentures. This is also in some cases hedged by the physical commodity. Here, the issuer deposits the countervalue of the ETC, for example with gold. Thus, our Boerse Stuttgart Securities GmbH subsidiary has issued an ETC of its own that is 100 percent backed up by the precious metal: Euwax Gold II. This and all other ETCs can be traded via Börse Stuttgart as easily as if they were equities, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.