Corporate bonds for seekers of good interest rates

Corporate bonds offer strong potential returns. We enable you smooth and liquid trading at fair prices.

Three reasons for corporate bonds

  1. Be it from corporations or SMEs, corporate bonds offer various opportunities to earn a return.

  2. Be it conservative or speculative: You can select bonds by companies with all manner of credit ratings – from countries the world over and with different maturities and currencies.

  3. At Börse Stuttgart you can trade corporate bonds flexibly in the desired nominal amounts and at fair market price.

Tops & Flops

Return versus credit rating

You like fixed-income investments and believe in the future of a particular company? Then a bond floated by that company might be just the right thing for you. Such securities are termed corporate bonds. Companies use them to raise money from investors to cover their financing needs.

Important when making a choice: If you come across a bond promising very high interest that is an indicator of increased risk. Put differently, the greater the danger of the issuer’s bankruptcy, the greater the premium offered investors as an offset. Because if the company goes bankrupt, in a worst case you lose your right to interest and a repayment of your capital contribution. So weigh up whether you would like to forgo maximum interest or want to shoulder maximum risk – the broad spectrum of corporate bonds gives you a variety of opportunities.

Trade through the market leader

Will the company you favor remain solvent until the bond matures? Orientation on this key question is provided by the ratings issued by agencies such as Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch. At any rate, it’s important to know that Börse Stuttgart offers you liquid trading in corporate bonds. Meaning you can if you want at any time shed your investment before it matures.

We are the German market leader in exchange trading in corporate bonds: Corporate bonds account for the lion’s share of bond trading in Stuttgart. We provide you with access to bonds floated by companies of different sizes and across a wide spectrum of credit ratings. You can flexibly buy and sell them each trading day – not only in minimum lots or multiples thereof, but also adapt the volume in small increments to what your target is.