Trade in cryptocurrencies

Higher, faster, further – digitization is turning the old, analog world upside down. And this also applies to the world of currencies. While only a few years ago hardly anyone knew how to spell Bitcoin, today everyone’s taking about it. So what’s it all about? And how can one trade cryptocurrencies?

Horia IT system administration

Put simply, digital currencies are a series of numbers calculated by a software. Today, there are more than a thousand different cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the oldest and best-known of them; it was launched in 2009. Other major digital currencies include, for example, Dash, Ethereum, Ripple or Monero. The term “crypto” (Greek for “hidden”) points to the computer-assisted encryption technology used.

Blockchain as their backbone

A key characteristic of digital currencies is that they are not issued by a single central agency. The virtual money is traded directly between the users, namely on the basis of Blockchain technology. It functions like a kind of public property ledger or a digital account statement for transactions between computers. The digital encryption technology practically enables users to generate free-of-charge cross-border payments transactions.

How to trade cryptocurrencies 

  • Using BISON
    Simple, safely, and reliably: Using BISON you can vey simply buy and sell Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoins and Ripple (XRP) via your own Smartphone. BISON is the first App for trading cryptocurrencies – it relies on Börse Stuttgart as a traditional securities exchange. It was developed by the Sowa Labs fintech – a subsidiary of Boerse Stuttgart Digital Ventures. The goal: to make entering the world of cryptocurrencies easy – made in Germany.

  • Using ETNs
    Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) by Swedish issuer XBT Provider makes the two digital currencies of Bitcoin and Ethereum fungible.

  • Using investment certificates
    Moreover, there are investment certificates offered by Vontobel that enable you to participate in Bitcoin price trends.
Entry the world of crypto BISON is on its way  Learn more