Hybrid of equity and bond

Profit participation notes, a hybrid of equities and bonds, offer the prospect of good disbursements. 

Three reasons for profit participation notes

  1. Profit participation notes can be an attractive supplement to customary investment instruments.

  2. As the investor you have the prospect of appealing disbursements.

  3. At Börse Stuttgart you can flexibly trade profit participation notes from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Tradeable at the exchange

Take a part bonds, a shot of equities and mix: What you get are profit participation notes! With this hybrid of equities and bonds, you get an annual disbursement, comparable to an interest payment. The scale depends on the net revenue of the respective company – which in turn resembles a dividend payment. The risk: If the corporation posts a loss, the issuer can discontinue the disbursement or even lower to repayment rights. That said, profit participation notes can secure yields that are well above the general level in interest.

Prior to purchase you should therefore make sure that a profit participation note can be traded on the exchange. Only then can the paper be resold at any point. In the case of publicly-listed profit participation notes, a sharply falling price can serve as an early warning signal that risks and information are already discounted into it. At Börse Stuttgart you can buy or sell profit participation notes as of the smallest tradable unit from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

All the information on the respective profit participation notes is to be found in the terms and conditions for the notes.

Product overview

WKN  Title Prospectus Issuer
 522990  BERTELSMANN GENSCH.  Download  Bertelsmann AG Genusssch..
 522994  BERTELSMANN GEN.2001  Download  Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGa..
 650155  MAGNUM AG GEN.99/UNB.  Download  Magnum AG Genussscheine ..
 836490  PORTIGON AG GEN.2000  Download  WestLB AG Genussscheine ..
 555065  DRAEGERWERK GEN.S.A.  Download  Draegerwerk AG & Co. KGa..
 555067  DRAEGERWERK GEN.S.A.  Download  Draegerwerk AG & Co. KGa..
 555071  DRAEGERWERK GEN.S.A.  Download  Draegerwerk AG & Co. KGa..
 325570  MAGNUM AG GEN.03 S.2  Download  Magnum AG Genusssch. Ser..
 A0DQSE  GWB IMMO. AG INH. GEN. 19  Download  GWB Immobilien AG Inhabe..
 A0HGNA  COBA GEN.05/20  Download  Deutsche Schiffsbank AG ..
 BLB37M  BAY.LDSBK.GEN.UT231.12.19  Download  Bayerische Landesbank Ge..
 A0JND0  SALVATOR VV.T2 IN.GEN.UN.  Download  Salvator Grundbesitz-AG ..
 716060  SALVATOR VV.INH.GEN.UNB.  Download  Salvator Grundbesitz-AG ..
 A0D4TQ  COBA GEN.05/20  Download  Commerzbank AG Inh.Genus..
 A1XFUZ  SENIVITA SOZ.GE.GS 14/UN.  Download  SeniVita Sozial gGmbH

Last updated: January 2019