What are Covered Bonds?

Covered Bonds are fixed-interest bonds that are secured by a cover pool. 

Covered Bonds are also considered gilt-edged. The cover pool consists of loan claims of the Covered Bonds banks against the public sector (for public Covered Bonds) or of loan claims secured by mortgages (for Mortgage Covered Bonds) or ship mortgages (for Ship Covered Bonds).

Tops & Flops

Simply trade Covered Bonds via Börse Stuttgart

Covered Bonds are issued by mortgage banks, shipping banks and some public-sector issuers. Who may issue Covered Bonds is regulated in the Covered Bonds Act (PfandBG). Jumbo Covered Bonds, which must have a minimum volume of one billion euros, are a special form.

You can trade Covered Bonds via Börse Stuttgart from 8 am to 6 pm.