Charges and fees

Quality trading is never for free. Which is why we charge transaction fees, in a transparent manner and adjusted for the different security classes. What you get in return are best-price execution and the benefit of narrow trading spreads.

What you need to know about our fees

At Börse Stuttgart before placing an order you already know exactly what you will have to pay, if it is executed.

  • When buying or selling investment or leveraged products, funds and ETPs, there is no fixed fee, merely a variable component. In the case of securitised derivatives, the variable fee is also capped.

  • For equities, bonds and profit-participation certificates, the fixed fee is EUR 4.20 per executed order. There is also a variable fee.

  • When buying or selling investment or leverage products, up to a sum of EUR 1,100 there is no charge at all.

Did you know? In addition to the transaction fees, the spread also plays a decisive role for your trading costs: At Börse Stuttgart, you trade all DAX and German MDAX-listed equities with no spread at all during our main trading hours.

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