Investment certificates: The all-rounders

With investment certificates, you can earn money in different phases of the stock market: even when it moves sideways or moderately downwards. 

Three reasons for investment products

Using bonus and discount certificates as well as equity-linked bonds, profits can be made when the markets are moving sideways or moderately downwards.

2. Index certificates enable you to invest at a favorable price in a wide variety of underlying assets, so that you lock into their performance directly.

3. The great range of products available through Börse Stuttgart generates countless investment opportunities – each carefully tailored to your personal outlook.

Winners and losers

Earn money even when prices fall

Investment products are securitized derivatives. The word derivative comes from Latin and highlights how the performance of these financial products is derived from something, namely the price of the underlying asset, e.g., a particular equity or an index.

Unlike leveraged products, investment products are suitable above all for investors wanting moderate risk but appealing potential returns. Discount and bonus certificates as well as equity- linked bonds are termed partial-protection certificates. Using them, you as the investor also achieve a profit during weak stock market phases, if the price of the underlying assets remains within limits set for the respective product. By contrast, index certificates simply enable you to participate one-for-one in the performance of the respective underlying asset – from share indices through to commodities.

Most frequent trades

Börse Stuttgart as the largest trading hub

Börse Stuttgart is the largest exchange-based trading hub for certificates in Germany: We ensure there is high liquidity and equally high-quality standards. Thanks to the immense variety of products you can select instruments that fit your risk preferences and your take on the market. The long trading hours, from 8 a.m. through to 10 p.m., enable you to respond to market developments in the USA.