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Boerse Stuttgart GmbH / Baden-Württembergische Wertpapierbörse GmbH / EUWAX Aktiengesellschaft / Vereinigung Baden-Württembergische Wertpapierbörse e.V.

Börsenstrasse 4
70174 Stuttgart

Postal address: Postfach 10 06 43, 70005 Stuttgart, Germany

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Reception desk
[email protected] +49 711 222 985-0 
Data / Price Marketing
[email protected]
Institutional Sales
[email protected]
+49 711 222 985-760
Investor Relations
[email protected]
+49 711 222 985-0
Listing & Membership
[email protected]
[email protected]
+49 711 222 985-528
[email protected]
+49 711 222 985-711
Trade Reconciliation [email protected] +49 711 222 985-799
Trading Surveillance
[email protected]
+49 711 222 985-682
Support Cats [email protected]
+49 711 222 985-250 
Trading Systems Xitaro [email protected]
+49 711 222 985-750

Complaints about the execution of your order? 

Contact the Trading Surveillance Office: As an independent stock exchange body, it supervises stock exchange trading and the settlement of stock exchange transactions and carries out any necessary investigations.

Phone: +49 711 222 985-682

Mail: [email protected]

Compliance with legal regulations and internal rules is a top priority for the companies of the Börse Stuttgart Group. This enables us to prevent damage to our company, our customers, employees and business partners. Misconduct must therefore be recognized as early as possible.

The whistleblower system of the companies of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange Group gives customers, potential customers and business partners the opportunity to inform us of suspected violations of legal regulations and/or compliance rules.

If you have specific, well-founded information about legal or regulatory violations at companies of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange Group, you can contact the Central Office by telephone, e-mail or in writing.

E-mail: [email protected]

0711 / 222 985 -321 Mareike Lier (Anti Money Laundering Officer);
0711 / 222 985 -339 Manuel Regent (Deputy Anti Money Laundering Officer);
0711 / 222 985 -330 Marc Linnebach (Deputy Anti Money Laundering Officer)

The companies of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange Group follow up on all reports.

The highest level of confidentiality is ensured in connection with their processing. Group Anti Financial Crime will not disclose the identity of the whistleblower unless the whistleblower agrees to the disclosure or the disclosure is required by law.

Of course, you can also send your information anonymously by letter to the relevant Group company, Group Anti Financial Crime, confidential GWB, Börsenstraße 4, 70174 Stuttgart. In such a case, we ask you to include as many details as possible in your notification and, if necessary, additional documents to ensure an effective inquiry.

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