Euwax monthly report

The Euwax monthly report will provide an overview of the latest developments at Euwax: Find out what products were traded most in a particular month, how this impacted on the issuers’ market share, the status of sales per investment class and much more besides.

Best Execution report

Our Best Execution report comes out on a monthly basis and provides you with an overview of the quality of trades executed on Börse Stuttgart – as regards prices, costs, execution probability, and the avoidance of only part-execution of orders.

MiFID II - RTS27 “Quality of Execution” Report

In our RTS27 “Quality of Execution” Report we present information on the quality of trades executed as per the MiFID II requirements. A detailed description of its structure and content can be found in the accompanying user manual.

Suspensions & Removal report

BWWB is publishing Suspension and Removal reports of financial instruments on an ongoing basis.

Annulled price calculations (Mistrades)

Mistrades are price calculations that were erroneous, took place on the exchange, and were subsequently annulled on the basis of the valid Rules & Regulations upon application from trading participants such as issuers, banks and stock brokers. This can happen, for instance, if the price calculated differs substantially from the fair market price. The exchange is the body that decides whether a price calculation shall be annulled. If the exchange approves an application for annulment, the relevant order executions are cancelled and not replaced.

General remarks on exchange trading in Stuttgart

General remarks on exchange trading are remarks and publications that are relevant to trading on our trading platforms. For example, possible disturbances in an exchange trading system or delays in publication of charges and prices are announced in this way.

MIFIR II Delayed Data

Delayed data is public trading data that is made available to market participants at 15-minute intervals. You can access it at any time and download it if necessary.

Emergency Playbook

Significant outages may occur even if technical systems are stable and resilient. The Emergency Playbook provides transparency on how Baden-Württembergische Wertpapierbörse manages and communicates such incidents.