Euwax Sentiment: The investor sentiment barometer 

Looking for orientation? The Euwax Sentiment shows whether investors are more likely to speculate on a rising or falling DAX.

The calculation is based on all orders for DAX leveraged products that are inputted and transacted on Börse Stuttgart over the last 60 seconds. The Euwax Sentiment is one of the most clicked content on our website.


Euwax Sentiment Index

Citigroup-Indikation DAX

How to read the Euwax Sentiment 

If the index figure is positive, that means the majority of investors expect the market to rise. By contrast, a negative figure means that investors think prices are more likely to fall.

The intraday chart shows the changes in the index by minute. The monthly chart highlights the closing prices for the last few days, in the 3-month chart the respective average of the last 10 days, and the annual chart the average for 20 days.

Five advantages for your trading

  1. You get a comprehensive overview of current private investor sentiment and can compare your market assessment with that of the broader mass of market players.

  2. The data is collected every minute, from 8:05 a.m. to 20:00 p.m., on every exchange-trading day.

  3. The Euwax Sentiment index is calculated on the basis of transactions private investors have actually made.

  4. The calculation relies on all the orders for leveraged products based on underlying DAX or XDAX stocks and/or DAX/XDAX combined products.

  5. The index concept is derived from many years of cooperating with the scientists at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

How the Euwax Sentiment is calculated

The Euwax Sentiment is based on private investors’ orders for leveraged products on underlying DAX and XDAX-listed stocks or DAX/XDAX combined products. The index relies on both purchases and sales of both call options and put options. The calculation specifically only includes near-market orders that are inputted into the system and transacted within 60 seconds.

Calculation of Euwax Sentiment

The sentiment barometer is named after our Euwax subsidiary which is Eurpe’s largest trading platform for securitized derivatives.