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The new PRIIPs Regulation entered into force with effect as of 01.01.2018. The Regulation enforces the introduction of key information documents (KIDs) for certain investment products including standardized provisions on their form and content. The aim is to strengthen investor protection as well as transparency and to allow the comparison of the different products.

We offer the new data fields resulting from the PRIIP regulation in a structured form: We integrate the PRIIP data from issuers 1:1 into the data feed of Boerse Stuttgart. In addition to the distribution of KID web-links, which is important for the issuers, especially a parameter-driven search for PRIIPs will be made possible. The aim is an Europe-wide coverage of PRIIPs relevant classes in the field of securitized derivatives and other possible asset classes.

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About RegXchange

RegXchange is a free industry utility designed to allow distributors and investors to obtain Key Information Documents (KIDs) and related metadata for the PRIIPs of different manufacturers from one central place and facilitate the exchange of MiFID II sales and product governance information between manufacturers and distributors.

Distributors can also subscribe to 1) automated KID availability reports, showing which KIDs are available at any given time and 2) alerts notifying them if a PRIIP changes (e.g. barrier breaches).

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