What you perhaps would also like to know

Our advice for you before you apply

What’s special about working for us?
We are not simply some stock exchange or other. We are the exchange for private investors. We seek to deliver the services any professional investor would expect. And give you the means and tools that you need for trading in securities. At Börse Stuttgart what awaits you are tasks that require a broad vision, a team of people who feel they are colleagues, long-term prospects, and a modern place of work.

How would we describe the corporate culture?
If you’re hunting for a job with a large corporation then we’re not for you. Börse Stuttgart is typified by a collegial atmosphere where people treat one another as equals. We stand out for our flexibility, swiftness, and interdisciplinary approach. And the values we prioritize? Fairness and reliability, good people and team skills, a customer focus, fund and the ability to see the broader picture.

Our expectations for applicants
You’re a specialist or changing career track? We love to work with people who are interested first and foremost in what makes the economy tick. Who potentially share our affinity for exchange trading. Who focus on the big picture. And want to be part of it. We’re looking for staff members who want to tackle challenges and show real initiative, and enjoy making certain our business processes are even more focused and sustainable, and, above all else, want to make a difference.

Our advice for applicants
Be authentic – in your application and in conversation. Because we believe that there are no good applicants and bad applicants. There are simply applicants who fit us and those who do not. Which we of course want to find out – together with you.

Incidentally, you’ll score high with our HR Dept. if you send us a personal letter. Reveal who you are and why you want to join us.

We’re looking forward to receiving your application!