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Our newsletters in a nutshell

  • Euwax Trends: Daily market report
    What’s happening in the financial markets? And how are investors at Börse Stuttgart responding? We will keep you informed daily – with “Euwax Trends”.

  • 4x Report: Market report on trading in foreign equities
    Europe, Asia or the US of America: Every Friday, traders at Baader Bank will comment in “4x Report” on the latest news on international financial markets. Find out all about the background to the foreign equities that investors are really focusing on.

  • Bonds Weekly: The bonds Newsletter
    “Bonds Weekly”, will provide you an update on latest bond trading news at Börse Stuttgart – every Friday. Learn more about current industry trends, upcoming new issues and interesting background stories and knowledge.

  • ETF Bestx Weekly: The ETF market in detail
    Every Tuesday we will keep you posted of the latest trends in ETF markets. Get yourself an overview of what is happening in international markets, statistics on the most popular ETFs and further information relating to this asset class.

  • New issues
    Wednesday's we will inform all subscribers about new investment certificates, bonds and funds that will be available for subscription at Börse Stuttgart.

  • Euwax Report
    Each month, the “Euwax Report” will offer you key figures on overall sales volume, market share and Euwax listed products.

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