Financial education: Knowledge for students 

Education is the best investor protection of all. We champion this idea and therefore in particular actively support young people in learning about finances and the exchanges. To this end, together with education experts we develop highly practical, methodological and wide-ranging teaching materials for school students that can be used simply and flexibly in the classroom.

Teaching materials for high schools and senior high schools

The teaching modules for high schools and senior high schools were developed and assessed in cooperation with universities, teacher training colleges, and the teachers themselves. Currently available (in German only):

  • Teaching materials: Investing Money – for high schools for use in Business, Vocational and Study Orientation courses

  • Teaching materials: Investing Money. For senior high schools for use in Business, Vocational and Study Orientation courses

  • Teaching file: All About Exchanges, as per the curriculum set in 2004

Teaching materials for bank trainees

The teaching materials for bank trainees arose in cooperation with Bavarian local authorities in Upper, Central and Lower Franconia. Thanks to their modular structure, the description of skills offered, the tasks and solutions they feature, the materials can be simply and flexibly used irrespective of the type of school involved.


Contact (for order forms, too)

Dr. Marc Mehlhorn
Stuttgart Financial
Vereinigung Baden-Württembergische Wertpapierbörse e. V.

Tel.: +49 711 222 985-977

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Commitment to Stiftung Rechnen

Mastering the fundamentals of Math is a precondition for any grasp of finances. Which is why we feel it so important to kindle young people’s enthusiastic interest in figures and mathematics and therefore specifically promote education in this field.

In 2009, Börse Stuttgart therefore was the founding patron of Stiftung Rechnen. Its goal is to improve young people’s mathematical abilities and foster a greater enjoyment in figures and solving Math tasks.

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